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The Movie List 2007

I see a lot of movies. If you want to know about any of them, comment here.

01- Rocky Balboa
04- We Are Marshall
07- Blood Diamond
08- Children of Men
10- Notes on a Scandal
11- Night at the Museum
15- Alpha Dog
18- Perfume-The Story of a Murderer
20- The Hitcher
22- Pan's Labyrinth
23- The Good Shepherd
27- Children of Men
29- Catch and Release

01- Freedom Writers
03- Little Children
07- Epic Movie
12- Dreamgirls
22- Music & Lyrics
28- Number 23

03- Breach
04- Bridge to Terabithia
11- 300 (best movie so far this year!!)
21- Wild Hogs
21- 300
24- Premonition
31- Reign Over Me

02- The Last Mimzy
14- Pathfinder
25- Shooter

02- Invisible
10- 300
12- 28 Weeks Later
13- Lucky You
22- In the Land of Women

03- Knocked Up
10- Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End
21- Mr. Brooks
30- Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

04- 1408
08- A Mighty Heart
09- Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
13- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

08- Rescue Dawn
14- Transformers
15- Stardust
22- I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
28- The Last Legion
29- No Reservations

10- Shoot 'Em Up
11- 3:10 to Yuma (fantastic movie!!!!)
15- Hairspray
24- Resident Evil: Extinction (waste of time)

01- Mr. Woodcock
11- Brave One (disappointing)
16- 3:10 to Yuma (best movie of the year!)
28- Elizabeth: The Golden Age

01- Heartbreak Kid
05- 30 Days of Night
06- Rendition
12- Michael Clayton
15- Martian Child
18- Across the Universe
19- Lions for Lambs
21- Bee Movie

10- Dan in Real Life
12- Golden Compass
12- Beowulf
17- Enchanted
23- Sweeney Todd (awesome!!!!!)
27- National Treasure: Book of Secrets
31- P.S. I Love You (OMG I cried through this entire movie!)



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Feb. 5th, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
Did you like Freedom Writers?
Feb. 5th, 2007 10:22 pm (UTC)
I did, it was a lot better than I expected.
Feb. 5th, 2007 10:59 pm (UTC)
I saw Pans Labrynth last night for the first time! VERY intense. And that chick was in it, the one that Viggo was in Alatriste with! I liked it, it was "different".

Feb. 6th, 2007 12:04 am (UTC)
Who was that, the mom? I still haven't decided if I liked that movie or not. Parts I did, parts I found very disturbing.
Feb. 6th, 2007 12:29 am (UTC)
Spoiler - Pans labryinth
Yeah the Mom was the same lady that Vig has a relationship with in Alatriste.

I thought the movie was very inventive. I've never seen that premise before. A mix of fairy tale and period drama...... it was VERY graphically violent though... They showed things for shock value that I don't think were necessary. The mans face injury was almost more than I could handle... I had to go to the bathroom when he did the stitches gods!!!!
Feb. 7th, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Spoiler - Pans labryinth
Yeah, that part made my toes curl! I don't mind violence in a movie if it fits the scene, but there was too much gratuitous violence in Pan's Labyrinth.
Feb. 20th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Spoiler - Pans labryinth
I am as sensitive to violence when its "out of necessary". (I was wondering if there was any "sexual" violence in the movie. Whenever that kind of violence comes up it hurts so much, but i really want to see Pan's Labryith.
Thanks in advance, its really appreciated.
Feb. 22nd, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
Re: Spoiler - Pans labryinth
No sexual violence. It's a very good movie, I would recommend seeing it. What is the most violent movie you have seen? I can tell you if it compares (if I have seen it!)
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